Audio Drama

With all the listening to the radio that I do, it is probably inevitable that over the years I have become a great fan of audio drama. This section of the website is my attempt to persuade others to give it a listen. While I am busy with all the other things that I do this section will probably just be this introduction, some links and a modest home for BEllamy STephenson Productions, the name Chris Bellamy gave the work that he and I have been doing together, totalling so far two produced audio plays. You can read about them by clicking on the two links below the BEST Productions item in the menu on the left.

In Great Britain the BBC broadcasts most radio drama of course and I have put links to their three stations that broadcast drama on the links page. The most popular of this drama output is made available on CD (sometimes even MP3 CD!) by the BBC and can be purchased in most bookshops, off-line or on-line. If you prefer to download such things in MP3 for listening on your PC, iPod (or similar), be sure to check out Audible. They offer monthly subscription plans that may be suitable for regular customers.

An archive of more detailed data (casts, directors, writers, broadcast dates, etc) about BBC radio programmes is available at Paul Wells's Radio Listings. This is a wonderful resource for lovers of radio. Like the best reference works, this site can be opened almost at random and can be relied upon to supply fascinating information.

Of course, in these days of The Internet, the BBC is not the only one producing audio drama. I have included a list of those I know of on the links page.

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