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Chess Composition

Chess Composition is a term to describe chess problems and endgame studies and is a subject I have been very interested in for more than thirty years. Some Introductory material, care of the British Chess Problem Society, is recommended for those new to the subject. If you find yourself interested, there are two chess composition societies that publish English Language magazines: the British Chess Problem Society (BCPS) produce The Problemist and The Problemist Supplement (for newcomers) while The Good Companions, in the USA, publish StrateGems, though their website is currently unavailable. Those with a taste for endgame studies should check out British Endgame Study News (BESN) and EG. The latter is published by ARVES, whose website contains much useful information about endgame studies. Also, my monthly columns about endgame studies in CHESS are republished here with kind permission of that magazine.

Those who like the immediacy of online discussion should try ChessProblem.net and MatPlus.net. The latter in particular is visited regularly by a formidable array of experts with a formidable array of opinions.

I have started a section of Selected compositions where I shall be posting problems and studies that have particularly taken my fancy. Not much there yet, but I shall be adding examples when I have the time. Those of you who are particularly brave may want to look at My compositions where I shall slowly be adding my published chess problems. Again, not much there yet while more important things are going on. The Glossary is so far very limited, but covers everything you need to know about all these compositions.

I have a list of Composing Tourneys, which includes announcements and awards. The Downloads page may have something to interest you. There is a link to Chess Direct who have special sections for books about chess problems and endgame studies in their on-line catalogue.