PID: 161430 (8/8/8/3P4/6p1/4k1K1/8/2RR4 w - - 0 1)

af Hallstrom, Edvard Johannes Gabriel

Tidskrift for Schack, 1918

#3 4 + 2

1 solution

  • Set play
  • Tries
    • 1.Kxg4?
      • threat
        • 2.Rc2 block
          • Ke4
            • 3.Re2#
      • 1...Ke4!
      • 1...Kf2
        • 2.Re1 block
          • Kg2
            • 3.Rc2#
            • 3.Re2#
      • 1...Ke2
        • 2.Kf4 block
          • Kf2
            • 3.Rc2#
            • 3.Rd2#
    • 1.Rc5? block
      • 1...Ke4
        • 2.d6 block
          • Ke3
            • 3.Re5#
      • 1...Ke2!
  • Keys
    • 1.d6! block
      • 1...Ke4
        • 2.Rc5 block
          • Ke3
            • 3.Re5#
      • 1...Ke2
        • 2.Rd5 block
          • Ke3
            • 3.Re1#
2017 White-Hume Collection

All solutions have been generated automatically using a set of default options and are only fully present for #2s and #3s. Solutions to #4s and #5s are being slowly added (and don’t include set play or tries), so some have solutions and some don’t. No other stipulations have been tested and neither have any twin positions. Solutions may include tries that aren’t thematic and lack tries that are. Sorry about this, but I do not have time to edit individual solutions.

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