A selection of links ot other sites featuring chess problem content.

World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC)

The WFCC is the successor of the Permanent Commission for Chess Composition (PCCC). The goal of its existence and work is the dissemination and encouragement of chess composition throughout the world.

British Chess Problem Society (BCPS)

The oldest chess problem society in the World and publisher of The Problemist and The Problemist Supplement.


A website by Peter Wong about chess problems in Australia. A wonderful resource!

The Good Companions

The Good Companions is the association of the problemists of the USA. They publish a magazine called StrateGems.

Die Schwalbe

The website of Schwalbe, deutsche Vereinigung für Problemschach, in German


The website of Nederlandse bond van schaakprobleemvrienden, in Dutch.

Dansk Skakproblem Klub

The website of Dansk Skakproblem Klub, the Danish Chess Problem Association.


harmonie-aktiv - Zeitschrift für Problemschach - a German language chess problem magazine. PDFs of all issues since March 2013 freely downloadable.

Julia's Fairies

The website of Julia Vysotska, dedicated to the world of fairy chess problems.


A blog from Greece (in English) about chess composition.

Chess Composition Microweb

A website by Juraj Lörinc which runs composition theme tourneys.

Vaclav Kotesovec

A frequently-updated website, full of useful links.

Michael Lipton's Chess Problems

A link to a PDF file of chess problems by Michael Lipton.

A website by George Jellis. George has very wide interests, including chess problems, mathematics, reason and fantasy literature!

A forum about chess problems.


A Serbian chess problem website, with a lively forum.

I am happy to add further links to this page if asked.

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