My Chess Problems

Use the three listbox controls below to select what types of chess problem you want to see. You may only select one item from each listbox. The search will only return those problems that meet the selection in the first listbox (Stipulations) AND the selection in the second listbox (Pieces)AND the selection in the third listbox (Condition). So, if you want to see all the totally orthodox directmate two-movers, select ‘#2’ from the first listbox, ‘Orthodox’ from the second listbox and ‘Orthodox’ from the third listbox.

Selecting ‘Directmate’ from the first listbox will return all directmates without regard to length. Simlarly, ‘Helpmate’, ‘Reflexmate’ and ‘Selfmate’ will return all problems of those types without regard to length. The selections in the ‘Pieces’ and ‘Condition’ listboxes are not all exclusive. If you select anything other than ‘Any’ or ‘Orthodox’ from these listboxes, you will get problems with those pieces and that condition, but you will also get problems with those pieces and condition AND other pieces and conditions. Each listbox control is set by default to 'Any'. If you don't change any of these you will select all my chess problems so far included on this site.

When you have made your selection, click on the button labelled Submit Query. You will then be returned a list (possibly empty) of those problems meeting your selection requirements.


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