Chess Endgame Studies

I write about chess endgame studies in two places – monthly (mostly) since 2006 in Chess and six times a year since 2014 in Schweizerische Schachzeitung with Roland Ott. This latter is, of course, in German, as translated by Roland. My articles for Chess are posted on this site – use the menu on the left to select years and then, individual months. The articles in Schweizerische Schachzeitung can be seen in the complete magazines downloadable from the Swiss Chess website. Our articles start with issue 7 of 2014.

Some years ago I was pleased to direct a study composing tourney to celebrate the 50th birthday of John Nunn. Select the menu item on the left to view the award.

If you need an introduction to Chess Endgame Studies, then please try the one by Michael McDowell at the BCPS site.

To see a list of other sites about Chess Endgame Studies, select the links item from the menu on the left.

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